Turkey Tote Game Hauler - 550 Paracord - Supports 50lbs - Turkey Game Strap Sling and Carrier for Hunting - Engravable Name Plate

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Our newest product from BuckStruck Custom Calls!

  • SIMPLE & COMPACT - This turkey game hauler tote easily fits in your turkey vest, to use simply attach the paracord rings to your turkey's feet.
  • RUGGED - made of true 550 paracord unlike others, it's rugged construction is built for a lifetime
  • COMFORT - Our wide handle provides a comfortable grip that will allow you to tote your Tom for miles
  • SURVIVAL - with 550 paracord in an emergency you can convert the cord to fish, trap, construct a shelter and more
  • RECORD YOUR TOMS - the engravable name plate allows you to scratch in the number of turkeys that you've toted!

Why Buy a Turkey Tote?

Turkey totes are a must have necessity for your turkey vest! If you've ever toted a turkey out of the woods, especially deep in the backwoods miles in after chasing them down, you know that your arms give out hauling a 20+ lb bird. You can always tote your turkey in your vest, but you more than likely are carry decoys or other items leaving little room for your trophy.

That's why you need a turkey tote.

Why do we use one?
- Protect your trophy. Putting a turkey in your vest ruins the feathers and damages your trophy fan.
- Comfort. Hauling a 20lb+ trophy out of woods isn't easy. Save yourself the trouble by throwing him over your shoulder.
- Memories. The engravable plate on our turkey tote allows you to mark down the number of turkeys you've hauled. Pass this along to future generations or remember each mark when you helped your buddy call that Tom in.

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