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President, BuckStruck Outdoors

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After spending years in the treestand wondering what was on his trail camera below in the heart of North Carolina, John founded BuckStruck Outdoors with one goal - to help other hunters "Hunt Smart".

John's passion for the outdoors and hunting began in Mississippi and Alabama where he learned to hunt with his father when he was old enough to walk - but it wasn't until he was 5 years old he was given a .410 shotgun to take along with his father where he was taught the incredible responsibility of being a safe and ethical hunter.  After a few years, he was finally given a shell for that shotgun he still has today.

John resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife and two children - constantly innovating great ways for hunters to take proven equipment to the field.



Vice-President of Operations, BuckStruck Outdoors

Growing up the deep Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Sheena was given the opportunity at an early age to explore the woods, creeks, hilltops and hollers at an early age.  Her unfortunate event of crashing her 4-wheeler into her Granny's house has left her always wanting a bigger ATV.  Her biggest hunting achievement is shooting her first dove on her first hunt ever, on the very first shot.

Sheena manages the day to day operations of BuckStruck Outdoors, and resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband and two children.  She's on a mission to find as much pink camo available for her infant daughter.


Pro-Staff & Sponsored Teams

Tyler S

BuckStruck Pro-Staff - NorthEast Region

Founder of HIIT Team Outdoors



At first glance I hope the name catches your attention, making you feel like your natures contracted hit-man , chasing bucks, beards, bulls and bruins. But in fact it is all much deeper then that. As a child, Tyler could remember pressing his face against the front window anytime his dad pulled back in the driveway from his hunt.  He couldn’t wait  to hear what happened. Success or failure, all were stories he couldn’t help but beg to hear more about and absorb them like water to a sponge. As this passion blossomed, aided by morals passed down through the generations, he couldn't help but weave the natural experience, that is our outdoor way of life, into every aspect of his life. HIIT stands for, HONOR. INTEGRITY, INSTINCT and TRADITION. These are the building blocks for what is the structure of as founder of HIIT Team Outdoors. Surrounded by friends and family, they hit the woods with the intentions of “HIITing” their mark. Though they would all love to shoot a 200” buck, they understand that that’s not the only reason to go. So whether your mark is a Boone and Crockett buck, getting back in the woods after years away or maybe even seeing your son or daughter shake in excitement for the first time, Tyler at HIIT Team Outdoors cant wait to see you “HIIT Your Mark.”



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