Android FAQ & Troubleshooting

The BUCKSTRUCK Card Reader allows you to immediately check your Game and Trail Camera videos and images in the field on most all modern Android devices with OS 4.0+

Download the full Android Instruction Manual here

Step 1: 
Insert your SD or MicroSD Card into the Card Reader first.  Then plug the card reader into your phone.  If the folder to view pictures does not automatically come up, proceed to following steps.  If it is working you’ve completed all the steps necessary!


Step 2:
Please download app "OTG TROUBLESHOOTER" to verify your phone has USB Host Support. It is a free app on Google Play: 

"File Manager (file transfer)" app works best to view photos. Connect Buckstruck->"USBDriveA" will pop-up on the app, trail files located in "DCIM" folder.   It is a free app on Google Play:

Step 3:
To view videos use app called "MX Player". This is available in the Google play store for free:

Step 4:
If you’ve followed all of the steps above and still are unable to view pictures or videos, restart your phone and then if it still fails please contact us.



Will my device work with the BuckStruck Card Reader?

Please take a look at our full compatibility list here


So how does this actually work?  

It reads directly off the card in the trail cam. Just remove the card and read it from your Android device with the Buckstruck card reader!

How do I scroll through pictures?

You can scroll through pictures (instead of selecting them one by one) by copying files to the internal memory of your device.  This is a limitation of the Android operating system and not the BuckStruck Card reader.

How do you get the card reader to work on an HTC One?

The HTC phones have a very specific requirement. > Download the recommended File Manager App
- Insert SD Card into BuckStruck & connect BuckStruck to phone
- Open "Settings" & select "Storage"
- Tap on "Mount USB Storage" & Wait for content info to appear
- Open "File Manager (File Transfer)" app
- Select "USB Storage" from menu --> Open "DCIM" folder & View Pictures


Can you delete pictures on the SD card?

Yes. Just use the file manager app to do so.  You can delete multiple pictures by "long clicking" (holding your finger down for about 2 seconds on a single file) and then selecting the checkbox next to other pictures to delete in bulk.


Can I copy and save pictures/videos from the SD card to my device (phone/tabet/etc)?

Yes.  Using the file manager, "long click" a single file and then selecting the checkbox next to other files you can choose to "copy" (usually in the top right corner) these to your devices internal memory. We often copy the photos to our phone, then clear the card, and put it back in the trail camera - saving us a trip to the woods!

Droid 2 / Droid 2 Turbo - what are the special apps needed?

These devices require the "USBPhoto Viewer" (Previously named Nexus Photo Viewer) available for free in the google play store here:

How do I share photos from my trail cam with others?

After connecting your SD card to your device, you can select the file and then choose the option to "share" in mulitple methods.  We like sharing ours in text messages and other social media platforms like facebook.


Some cards work.  Some don't.  How do I fix that?

The problem that we've encountered has been that some cameras need a fresh card in them that is formatted in the correct method (FAT32) to read on the android devices.  Here's how to do it.

**WARNING: This will erase all the files on your SD card, so drag the files onto your computer if you want to save any before formatting.  Then when finished drag some photos back onto the SD card and test out your BuckStruck again.

Ensure slide tab on SD card is not lined up with the lock symbol (otherwise you will get a "Write-Protected" error when performing the following steps)
Insert SD card into computer and Go to "My Computer"
"Right-click" your SD card and select "Format"
Select "FAT32" format and format your SD card.  This will clean up your SD card and allow it to perform better and also make it the correct format for your phone to read from.

After you've done all that, plug the "empty" card into the card reader and then into your android device.  This will fully reset the card. Then take that card and place it in your cam so that it can read/write pictures or videos in the correct format.