Lighted Nocks - Automatically Activated Green Led Lighted Archery Nocks

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Save BIG on these lighted Nocks from Bowtex - endorsed by BuckStruck Outdoors.






About 30 hours of battery life(non-replaceable)

Bowstring Activated On-off Switch Automatically

Waterproof and shock resistant

Fits most standard arrows.


Weight:20 grain


How to use:

Insert or replace your current nock in your arrow by simply using a pair of pliers.  These nocks automatically light after you shoot from the pressure of the string, and can be turned off with the mini-screwdriver including in every package.


Note:   This is not a toy, don't shoot your friends. 

Included in the Package:

> 3 x Lighted Nocks



> 1 x Mini Screwdriver

Delivery time:  11-17 days from order