Here at BuckStruck Outdoors we strive to provide you with the best field tested hunting equipment on the market.

It all started as a husband and wife team that had a love of the outdoors.  Blending their backgrounds from the deep south of West Virginia and Georgia, and their love for hunting and the outdoors, they needed a way to check their trail camera pictures quickly while in the field.  What was born was the BuckStruck Card Reader.

- Instantly view the images & videos off of your Trail Camera when you plug the BUCKSTRUCK Card Reader with mobile device including both Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices. Simply Plug in the BUCKSTRUCK and see your images or videos standing right next to your Trail & Game Camera!
- Compatible with most all Android and iPhone / iPad devices!
View, edit, delete, copy, or share any of your game camera pictures straight from the field with your hunting buddies with this hunting card reader.
- You already have your phone on you - so use it to best of your ability and don't truck in unnecessary heavy equipment into the field. The BUCKSTRUCK Card Reader weighs less than 1oz. !!!
- Field Tested and made rugged by a company that is all hunters and always will be. This is the most lightweight camera reader on the market and a great add to your hunting gear and hunting accessories. Don't waste your money on bulky trail camera card viewers.
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